What is onpage SEO and how to apply it, the right way.

onpage seo strategy

in order to effectively implement SEO in your Content marketing strategy, you first need to know, what is onpage SEO?

And how it can benefit your content marketing strategy, which will help you with clearity and understanding.

Because in order to implement the SEO strategy in a way that will be of great impact, to your audience and search engines.

You will need to know what you are dealing with, and how it can help you establish brand awareness.

Without wasting much time, let’s get straight into what matters most.

Onpage SEO, is a process of creating relevant content which can be optimized by Search engines, with your audience in mind.

And when creating your content, you need to provide enough value at the same time.

Search engines will rank you higher, if you follow their webmaster guidelines.

Which is regularly updated, with new algorithms to make crawlers more and more relevant to search intend Keywords.

While you must also remember, your not writing for crawlers. But instead you are writing for people, who have specific needs, that require a special knowledge and expertise.

How can onpage SEO benefit your content marketing strategy.

When implementing the onpage SEO, you create an opportunity for your content to go viral.

Because being effective and relevant with your content marketing strategy, is one of the reasons why your content stand a chance to succeed.

And all that, are a part of onpage SEO, which helps you create quality content for both your readers and search engines.

It will help you establish a fan base, people who will rely on your content for learning and growing as brands and individuals.

Onpage SEO is not a technique that will promote your content, to your readers, but instead is a strategy that will make your content engaging.

Which means, it’s not the only strategy you need to grow your personal brand.

To attract quality leads for products and services, you will need to use the offpage SEO strategy.

But in this guide, am going to talk more about the effectiveness of using onpage SEO, to optimize your content for search engines.

Although, am also going to mention the offpage SEO there and then, to keep the balance and the ball rolling.

And to make it easier for an average person to understand why onpage SEO, creating quality content is not only what it takes to succeed.

Because I believe a lot of people got it twisted, even myself and I, thought you only need to create quality content as a blogger.

Then people will start coming in, and start learning from you, that’s it.

But after realizing that you won’t get traffic without promoting your content, I then realized marketing is important, regardless if your a marketer or just a blogger who’s sharing their expertise.

So in order to benefit from onpage SEO, you need to understand that it is just a tip of the iceberg, in what it takes to succeed.

But then, how does it help you with search engine resuls

its the beginning

Onpage SEO is the beginning to your successful content marketing campaign.

It helps improve your writing skills and expand your knowledge, as well as improve your overall SEO.

Without onpage SEO, your content marketing strategy will be a waste of energy, and your offpage strategy will be a waste of time.

Meaning that it’s important to promote your best content, than to spend money advertising the worst content.

The downside of onpage SEO is the fact that, it is not meant for growing traffic, but sustaining your organic traffic with quality content.

If you apply the best Keywords for your content, through utilizing Keyword research in your strategy.

You might win big, with the part of attracting traffic to your website or blog.

When you apply Keyword research, you might end up digging Keywords, that are less competitive and easier to rank for.

I know it’s easy to find such Keyword ideas, especially when using long tail keywords.

But here am talking about direct Keywords, with higher search volume (monthly traffic) and less Keyword difficulty.

Such Keywords can only be found through proper use of Keyword research.


Types of onpage SEO to apply right now.

Title tag

you will first have to create a killer title for your content, which is the most important thing to begin with.

Because your title, can either attract or will repell your target audience to read your content.

That’s why it is so important to craft your title in way, that will be attractive to crab attention.

A title will represent your focus Keyword, which is the main purpose for Keyword research.

This Keyword is for content ideas, the more you write to inform your audience with content related to your focus Keyword, the better.

e.g if your Keyword is search engine optimization. Then you will have to write about SEO strategy or something close.

But you can’t use the same Keyword as a title, you need something that an average person will click to learn about.

Because search engine optimization is not specific, and it doesn’t fit the context of an average person.

You will have to be clear, e.g (what is search engine optimization and how to apply it to grow your brand)

  1. the title above it’s clear, you will learn about search engine optimization and how you can apply it.
  2. Even an average person who always hear people talk about it, will be interested to know more about the strategy.
  3. Because of their curiousity and since their looking for ways to expand their personal brands, their likely going to click on that title.
meta description.

meta description is a summary of your content, and it has to match with your title.

It makes it easier for people to engage with your content, just by reading at your content summary.

And it makes it simple, for search engines to crawl, index and match your content with the right Keyword search.

Your meta description can’t be short, you will need it to be as detailed as possible, and it shouldn’t be too long.

Because Google will cut it, to reduce the length, which will make it harder for your audience to understand.

SEO analysis

seo analysis.

This part measures the whole onpage SEO strategy, to see if your content can be optimized for Google search.

To succeseed with this analysis report, you have to use a plugin, preferably SEO Yoast which gives you all the information you will need to be effective.

Which covers some of the basic things in your onpage strategy. Below are the required details to succeed with your onpage strategy.

  • outboundlinks = which determine the number of links, going out from your site, to other sites.
  • internal links = which determine the number of links, from your older articles, to the latest articles from your website and vise versa.
  • Keyphrase length = it shows, the number of words from your title tag.
  • Meta description length = which determines the length of your content summary.
  • SEO title width = it determines the width of your Keyword.
  • Image alt attributes = which determine the title of your image text.
  • Text length = which determines the number of word count in your article, the longer the better.


This shows how engaging your content is, to the reader.

You will need to be careful with it, the easier your content appear to your readers, the better.

It consists of the following attributes, that determine the readability score.

  • subheading distribution = which states that your content, must be separated by subheadings.
  • flesch reading ease = it shows a score that checks the ease of reading.
  • passive voice = which is calculated by active voice, the more the better.
  • consecutive sentences= which means, there should be enough variety in your sentences.
  • Paragraph length = the shorter the better.

(What is onpage SEO) the conclusion.

onpage seo is the process of creating relevant content that is of quality.

Both to search engines and for your audience as well, that is content your audience will find engaging.

When onpage SEO is implemented in your content marketing strategy.

It can be of great impact to your brand awareness, which can help you establish authority in your industry.

This SEO strategy is for sustaining your organic reach, but most certainly it can also create an irresistable content, from Keyword research.

It will just make your content engaging, keep and convert your readers into regulars, and later customers for your business.

Last but not least don’t forget to use this marketing strategy, to build your content marketing campaign and stand out from your competition.

Which can be of massive value to your brand and your online presence.

I hope you found value in this guide, don’t forget to leave your comment below.

And once again thanks for your time and effort, as a bonus, you can try a free trial on SEO and SEM below.

with no investment and no commitment, you can even cancel the trial at anytime. Good luck…..


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