The content we share with you is free of charge.

We don’t charge for all our information. we share to our audience in this blog, the educational material that can help with anything related to business growth.

inside digital world, our purpose is to teach and guide you to better your life and your business, in ways that will be of impact to others.

we have learned from the best and only sharing information, that is relevant to your digital success.

digital Enterprise is an example of a digital innovative medium of ideas.

working with both physical and digital businesses.

We help small and medium businesses, to enhance their creativity, in growing their brand awareness.

And also help individuals who want to start their own digital venture with low cost.

this is a journey that can be taken by anyone who seek freedom or financial confidence.

Knowing you can make money anytime and anywhere, regardless of your location. Some even prefer to work from home.

But like the saying, a journey of a 1000 miles begin with a single step, so I encourage you to take action if you truly want to see results in your life.

I know you may ask that, if I share with you my knowledge for free, what’s the catch.

Here’s the truth, as I will be guiding you to take the steps necessary to see the results in your life and start prospering,

Pay close attention to this.

there will be some free resources you can use to start, but some are paid.

things such as a web hosting package and a domain name for your website.

Because when building a brand online.

you need a platform where you can start engaging with your followers, and if you want to grow as a brand, you need a self hosted plan, which is around R50 p/m when starting out.

So I recommend some of the best products you will need to start and to grow your digital venture.

I don’t recommend a product I never used.

that is why I will be consistently reviewing some of the products I promote.

here’s how it works, I sign up for an affiliate program.

That means when you buy one of these products, I get a commission, which is not of extra cost to you.

I also have a code from Google, that displays ads that are relevant to the content I share.

Ads called p.p.c (pay per click)

which means I get paid a small fee when someone clicks an ad on my site by Google AdSense.

Here’s another way I make money on this site.

not everyone has time to learn everything about digital marketing and advertising.

people are so busy doing things they feel more passionate about.

most are people who have a budget to pay for my digital marketing services.

either they want me to create campaigns that will work as funnels, sometimes refer to as lead magnets.

to attract right people to their businesses, who they can turn into regular customers.

Some just want me to consult them with my full marketing strategy, to increase their sales and grow their revenue.

Sometimes either creating and running targeted ads for their businesses.

What I have learned is that, is either you have enough capital to leverage internet marketers like me.

or you don’t have enough cash, but have the time to learn what I do, unlike other marketers out there.

I offer free education to those who want to learn.

because it doesn’t require much of my time, since am also growing my brand.

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