How does Affiliation Software work?

Affiliationsoftware is the leading affiliate software in Italy, it was founded in 2008. It has hundreds of satisfied clients across the world. And it is one of the user friendly tools, that’s easy to customize and use.

And it is one size fits all, meaning that it is compatible with all the popular websites. Landing pages, subscriptions and more. Once it is installed, it’s ready to use and to make your business grow.

Affiliationsoftware is a software that you can use as an E-commerce store or as an author selling digital products online. To create a system that will scale your business by partnering with bloggers, influencers, publishers. And Affiliate networks to promote your affiliate program

This software will not only help you scale your business with influencers in your niche.

But  Affiliation software will also help you create your own affiliate program. Which will be integrated and promoted by affiliates and bloggers.

What can I do with Affiliationsoftware?

With Affiliationsoftware, you can create a successful affiliate program that’s compatible with all the most popular e-commerce and CMS.

They’ll even provide you with chats and detailed reports in real time to reveal the stats for your affiliate programmes.

They provide a software that will also track the conversions, even after many days.

Affiliationsoftware will help you establish authority upon choosing the right commission payouts for your Affiliate marketing campaigns.

You can choose from pay per action. Paying per sale, pay per lead or even choose to pay per clicks or referrals. It also comes with multilevel referrals and sub-affiliate for up to 10 tiers.

Your Affiliationsoftware has unlimited number of banners you can use for your program, no maximum limit of traffic and users.

It’s designed with user experience being the main focus point. Where the designs are compatible with all browsers, all smartphones and all tables.

Not only are they providing you with internal value, you also get an extension. For their services with help and technical support within 24 hours free of charge.

Speaking about freebies, Affiliationsoftware also has a 30 days free trial.

You can start your free trial and start your own affiliate program today. Promote your website and increase your traffic and sales, now with free trial and no initial costs.

Here are some of the stats for Affiliationsoftware since its birth.

On the 16th of June 2020 they updated their themes and labels for statuses. They have more than 1000+ customers, who use Affiliationsoftware to manage their affiliate program. 80 + compatible E-commerce and platforms. 

20 million clicks and impressions served every day, 500k daily conversions tracked for Affiliation software customers.

And 87% of popular websites use Affiliationsoftware to manage their affiliate program.

An affiliate program is a powerful marketing tool for every online business. It is one of the most profitable and effective ways to get targeted traffic and increase sales.

After creating an affiliate program, you will have to invite affiliates to promote your website or products and services. On their websites and on their social media bringing you quality leads, Interested visitors and new customers, to grow and sustain your business.

Affiliationsoftware will automatically track all the stats from your affiliates related to your program.

And what’s most interesting is that all the statistics and conversions are generated in real time.

Users can sign up to your Affiliate program. And promote your site by publishing banners and links, on their websites and on social networks. Where they promote your products and services, in exchange for a commission of your choice.

It can be 5% for a referral sale or $2 for every lead. Depending on how much you want to pay your Affiliates, to promote your products or services.

Affiliationsoftware plans and prices.

are influencers participate in your business

Unlike other options for creating a successful affiliate program for your business.

Affiliation software has different versions, each one with different features. Which means you can choose the plan that best suits your needs.

They all have a free demo, the starter version is a professional V3. It’s the perfect solution for creating an affiliate program, for a website or an E-commerce. It has a limited campaigns for up to 1 website maximum.

This monthly plan has features except for marchants panel and Affiliate network features.

It cost 29.95 € per month. And they also have a business V3, is perfect for creating an affiliate program for multiple websites or e-commerce.

Business V3 has limited campaigns of up to 50 websites or e-commerce in maximum. It has all features except affiliate network features. It comes at the cost of 49.95€ per month.

And network V2, is a perfect solution to create an affiliate network with unlimited campaigns. It has all features from affiliate tracking software, real time statistics with unlimited affiliates.

A merchant panel, affiliate network features, help and support included. Plus unlimited banners and links, unlimited ad requests and unlimited campaigns or websites.

This network V2 comes at the cost of 79.95€ per month. All plans have a yearly discount of 10%, and Affiliation software also offers their clients a 100% money back guarantee, if their not satisfied with their affiliate program.

You can ask for a refund of your payments within 30 days from it’s purchase, if your not satisfied with your affiliate program.

Try Affiliation Software free trial now

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