Affiliate marketing in South Africa.

Affiliate marketing

I will show you how to do Affiliate marketing in South Africa, and I will only share the best affiliate strategies.

Affiliate marketing is when you sell other peoples products and services for commission.

here’s how it works.

You look for companies that offer affiliate programs, this companies have incentives.

Most will pay you through PayPal and some will send it directly into your bank account.

But realize at the beginning I said they give incentives, meaning they decide how they pay their publishers.

They can either decide to pay you back using cash or credit, some use gift cards.

But if you wanna earn a decent income, I prefer you look for those who pay cash. not gift cards.

But it requires a ton of research to look for companies that pays well, reason being that….

Some companies will take advantage of you, you can get paid pennies compared to the value you provide.

Meaning they don’t pay you according to your worth, this mostly is caused by greed and not being clear from the beginning about how much they pay.

Some are scams, they don’t pay at all, they just want to waste your time while they profit from your leads.

That is why some affiliates, decided to start their own platforms where they only promote programs that pays cash.

And this platforms are called affiliate networks, where you can look for affiliate programs

That meets the needs of your followers, and only choose the ones that you believe will be of value to your audience.

because the most important thing here is to promote, programs which you believe in

And products that will benefit anyone who buys In some form.

You don’t wanna promote products and services that will not be of value to your audience.

Things you need to know before you can even think about promoting affiliate products.

Affiliate product will be of value to you, only if you promote it to be of value to others.

And you first need an audience to promote the products and services.

Those people who already need what you got to offer, or maybe the ones that where not even aware of the solution.

In other words, affiliate marketing must be a solution to your audience, it should be helping with their problems.

I understand that it won’t be solving every problem, that is why there are so many programs to choose from.

You will need a funnel that can attract those people who share the common problem.

This funnel might be a blog or website and share content that will be of value to them.

But it’s not limited only to blog posts and articles, I mean any content marketing strategy, can do the work.

Weather be it social media, where you influence your audience with a certain topic.

Or a video channel that you use to promote your own brand, you can still promote affiliate at the same time.

Even a podcast that you started 2 years ago, that you use to interview those who share their expertise in your field.

As long as you provide value and make sure you promote products that are relevant to your content.

This will help you engage your audience with the right products and services.

what used to work is no longer relevant today when doing affiliate marketing in South Africa.

Gone are those days where you can just promote products and services to strangers.

I mean nowadays people look for assurence and they remain skeptical than ever before.

Which means you need to build an audience that will love, trust and respect you.

They might not love you, but they got to respect and trust you.

If they don’t trust or respect you, your chance of converting them into sales are very slim.

Yeah you can make one or two sales after a while because you have their trust.

But that simply means you still have a lot of work to do, to make sure you earn a decent income.

The aim is to provide so much value that they end up, not only trust you.

But they should respect you and love you, which will decrease their skepticism.

And it means you will convert more leads into sales, and if you promote relevant products and services.

That can solve their problems and meet their needs. you will be winning as an affiliate.

You will probably make a decent income from affiliate programs as a marketer.

Make money online with affiliate marketing in South Africa

Make money online with affiliate marketing

And this means you will be making more money on affiliate marketing in South Africa.

your profit will be on demand, because not only will you be of more value to your audience.

You will have also created a passive income for yourself, income that you no longer have to actively work for.

Yeah that means you can even quiet your day job and start traveling the world.

If that’s your dream, because now as an affiliate marketer, your income is not dependent with your location.

You can make money online from the comfort of your home, or travel the world.

It’s up to you, and the most important thing is that you can even make money while you sleep.

let me tell you why is possible to make money while you sleep when doing affiliate marketing in South Africa.

When you sign up for an affiliate marketing program of your choice.

You will be given a link to the product or service that you will be promoting.

That link contains a form that will take your audience, step by step through a process that will guide them into making that buying decision.

This link can be imbedded in your content marketing strategy, e.g a blog post.

when your audience Start reading the post, you want to make sure you put the link where it will be visible.

And close to that piece of content that when they finish reading.

You would want them to take action by clicking the link to that particular product.

When they click the link and end up buying from the link, you get a commission.

Your commission again will depend on that affiliate program your promoting.

They pay from 20% and close to 90%, depending of course on the program.

digital products, pays the highest commission, reason being that they don’t have extra costs for repetitive purchase.

Unlike physical products, that needs to pay for shipping as well as inventory.

But most have high payouts due to the highest price they charge.

Unlike digital products that have low price points, but it also depends on the product.

Weather is a low ticket product or a high ticket product, it is also important to sell both low and high.

e.g if you are running a blog about fashion, you will want to sell both jet fashion trends and cucci, for example.

Because some prefer low price points while others prefer higher price points.

affiliate marketing v.s network marketing

Affiliate marketing strategy and network marketing

Sorry to hear it from me, but unlike network marketing strategy.

Where you have to promote other peoples products, by referring others to also sell the same product.

Where you end up competing with the same people you referred, who sell the same product that you already sell.

Affiliate marketing allows you to choose, from different products and services.

Which means you can even avoid competition by selling unique products.

That no one else is selling in your niche, but also have the potential to make sales from existing customers.

In network marketing the more you refer other people to join, it becomes more difficult to make sales.

Because you would have build your own competition, and you get a slight push to the top.

The more your referrals get referrals, is the more you stand a chance to go up the pyramid.

That’s if you don’t get crushed by your own referrals and their referrals.

Because at this point, remember you’re all selling the same product.

Anyway, while you will be busy fighting for the highest possible position in the pyramid.

The owners and their shareholders at the top will be busy getting all the money.

While you will be fighting for customers and trying to make more money by creating more competition.

In affiliate marketing you don’t have to refer anyone to join.

In conclusion…

affiliate marketing is not some pyramid scheme that you will be busy refering others to join.

But note that in affiliate marketing, you will have to build a traffic of followers and that requires hard work.

But when you have an audience that loves, respect and trust you.

you will reap all the rewards, here the aim is to create value. like it is even said in the Bible, in many different verses.

Knock and the door will open, where do you knock? To your content marketing strategy. What opens? The traffic.

Give before you receive, ok you give what? Value. You receive what ? Trust, love and respect.

you sow so you shall reap. What do you sow? your audience. What do you reap? Commission and profit.

In every action, there is equal opposite amount of reaction. It is also said that you will get paid based on your results.

once again, thanks for your time and hope you found value in this post.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below, if you have any questionđź‘Ť

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