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founder: phumzile ntjana

With a warm welcome, I’d like to say thank you for your time and I’m grateful for the effort you took, really appreciate it.

I will share with you the latest and most relevant skills, tips, and top strategies to succeed in digital world, or sometimes called the information age.

hope you are going to find value in what we share from this website.


I’d like first to introduce myself, and tell you why I decided to start the blog about digital world.

My name is phumzile ntjana, most people know me as ndozi digital, cause I talk a lot about digital success.

First of all, i grew up in a low middle class family, as a result I was never poor, hence I know the struggle. i have 3 sisters and we were raised by a single mother.

Above all, I grew and still reside in a poor environment of Boitekong, in rustenburg because is where drugs, alcohol and crime is the main influence for many.

all my life I knew I am going to succeed.

Consequently growing up I thought I was not going to make it, so due to that, I thought of myself as a failure.

Even more, as a child trying so hard to get good grades, almost never really getting to see the results.

So I’d study harder but, rather my results will drop even further, for that reason.

I tried different things, that led me into discovering new opportunities, probably I will have not found in school.

here’s the reality, some of us just don’t fit well in a school system.

Because we are told what to do and how to do it.

We get tought things we will never get to use in real life.

That’s memorizing, not education. education simply means enduring knowledge in within, that’s creativity, something we already possess.

it takes a curious mind to find ideas and turn them into passion, that will solve real problems.

We all have problems that needs solutions, as a result most people are happy to pay anyone who can solve their problems.

I’ve learned that to succeed financially, you provide value by solving problems.

weather by innovative ideas of inventions, or weather by selling products or offering services.

I realized that you have to provide value, or be of value to others before you can get paid.

I have learned that, your income is directly in proportion with the value you provide.

and that you can be rich by first enriching others.

They used to say, go to school, get good grades and you will be successful.

But that advise seems outdated in the digital age, maybe times have changed.

we live in a digital age.

Most noteworthy, a device with an internet connection, is what we need.

Some people prefer to get a degree and find a job, that’s fine if is something you want to pursue.

here we will focus on helping those who want to start their digital venture.

Or People who want to grow their businesses by leveraging digital marketing and advertising.

Here’s the real purpose

If you want to know how to grow your business, with online marketing, you are not alone, am going to show you just how.

While in contrast, if you need digital advise, likewise feel free to visit our contact page for even more assistance.

You can even start with your first blog post, to get a grip of what our content is about here digital marketing strategy

The importance of digital age and how it has completely changed our perception about life

In this digital world, we all need to understand why internet became so important to our daily lives.

I know some people may argue that internet is not that important.

yes that is if one is using internet against him/her, because it’s up to you, and how you use it.

Some people don’t really take advantage of their resources, and they don’t use their passion to work for them.

because of this mindset of being consumers rather than being investors.

here is an example, patrice motsepe is showing his love for soccer by investing in it.

we all know he is the president of mamelodi sundowns.

but ask him about the latest goal scorers or how long it took them to score in their last match.

odds are he doesn’t know, but ask a super fan, they can tell you everything.

And even tell you who is better than who, and why pitso must stay, why…. simple.

Some people just enjoy being consumers of the game rather than being investors in their passion.

Don’t get me wrong, I also love soccer.

ok, now let me make an example that is aligned with my subject.

one uses the internet to mok others on their Facebook, making jokes while the other use social media to sell to his/her customers using Facebook targeted ads.

I think by now you understand what I mean by using internet to your advantage.

Rather than using it against you, so here am going to teach you the powerful ways and advantage of using internet.

This is to invest in your passion, rather than being a consumer.

Something that can help you live the life you desire, and a life full of prosperity and abundance.

But note that this is not some get rich quick, if you are looking for ways to make quick cash.

you are definitely in a wrong place. but if you are looking for a way to start building…

something that you will work on growing with effort and persistence, you and I are going far.

But trust me, a lot of people found freedom from it, many even retired early.

Because unlike buricriticim (accepted path of success) go to school, get good grades.

get a high paying job with a retirement plan, work hard, get out of debt, clip coupons save, save, save until you retire at the age of 65.

So called slow lane, with this path that am going to share with you, you don’t have to wait for 30 to 40 more years of hard work to get freedom.

It is considered the fast lane by j. demarco, some people did became rich overnight.

But while others it took a little more time, effort and persistence.

unlike the traditional way of making money, internet has so many leverage.

meaning after few years, sometimes months of working smart, you can earn while you sleep.

That’s called passive income, income that you don’t have to actively work for.

It’s easy to start, but bare in mind easy doesn’t mean it’s simple.

You have to put in some work before you see the results, like the saying “so you sow, so you shall reap”.

Now in this information age, education is more important than before.

But not the one that you graduate after years of studying.

here am talking about a long life learning. where you earn while you learn, and grow your income at the same time.

The more you learn the more valuable you become in the market place.

And the more your knowledge grows as well, you then aquire skills that enables you to make MSIs(multiple streams of income).

The aim is not to rely on your active income from a single job.

This is how you don’t have to wait for 65 years, of retirement to have freedom and start building wealth.

Here’s the good news, unlike brick and mortar businesses that have high risks.

You don’t need a lot of capital to start a digital venture,

it’s cost effective, you can start with little to nothing. and it’s possible.

All it requires you to do is commit to put in work and start earning.

You don’t need to work that harder, like Napoleon hill said, think and grow rich not work hard and grow rich.

You’ll just have to find your passion and take it from there.

You will feel like your not working at all. this will also help when times are hard, you’ll not be likely to quit.

Did you find this information useful, then learn more about digital venture.

Or do you have a physical business and want to use internet to Increase your customers.

finally grow your business, digital marketing and advertising is the right fit for you.

in this blog we teach and guide entrepreneurs to leverage internet for their own success.

stay tuned for more information, you can even visit digital marketing here

And again thanks for your time and effort, hope you found value 👍