Here’s a list of affiliate programs that you can join for free

top affiliate programs you can join for free

Affiliate programs are becoming popular in South Africa, because they’re easy to promote and start making some real cash online.

Especially for those people who have a dream of earning from the comfort of their homes.

I’m talking about young people who don’t have access to capital.

It’s easier to promote affiliate programs than it is to promote small and medium businesses, who don’t have any affiliate program whatsoever.

It’s easier because you don’t need any upfront cost or startup costs, you can start promoting other people’s products and services, to earn a commission for every sale, or for every referral lead.

As an affiliate especially in South Africa, opportunities to get accepted as an affiliate.

Are less greater compared to the likes of America, Canada and other 1st world Nations, but in these post I’m going to share affiliate programs that accept South Africans.

And since affiliate marketing is still new in South Africa.

It’s becoming one of the best business opportunities for earning a living on the internet especially passive income.

The only thing that you need to start promoting affiliate programs, which is the most important thing. is a device with an internet connection.

Who has access to promote affiliate programs.

be ahead in affiliate marketing

Anyone can sign up for affiliate programs, from 18 years old, no qualifications needed, no excessive skills needed to join affiliate marketing.

But you need a source of traffic to successfully promote this affiliate marketing, it was first discovered by marketers, and it became popular for those who take courses on digital marketing.

What most people does, is to enroll for a free digital marketing course, either from Google garage, Hubspot academy or SEMrush.

In fact there are so many online platforms that one can leverage to learn free skills in sales, marketing, lead generation and more.

Even some of these affiliate programs I’m going to share with you below, also teach those subjects I mentioned from above to publishers.

But as I said you’ll need a website, or followers on social media to succeed with affiliate marketing.

I’ve explained affiliate marketing strategy, affiliate program and affiliate networks previously on my blog.

But just to recap, affiliate marketing is a strategy we use to sell other people’s products and services, and affiliate programs are those companies that invite marketers, bloggers and publishers to promote their products and services.

Here’s a list of affiliate programs that also accept South Africans.

1.Shareasale affiliate program

Shareasale is an affiliate network that connects publishers with marchants.

A publisher is a person who’s promoting the products and services while a marchant, is an affiliate program.

In fact shareasale is a network of affiliate programs, but in this post I’m going to talk about their affiliate program.

Because they also have an affiliate program that you can promote.

When a person joins shareasale as a marchant, with your affiliate link. You get paid a commission from their joining fees, that’s between 5 to 20% for every sale.

But if a person clicks your link and joins as a publisher/affiliate, you won’t be paid for a sale. because it’s free to join shareasale as a publisher/affiliate.

So you will only get paid if your referral, referred someone to join.

And when that referral pays a joining fee as a marchant, your referral gets paid their share of a sale and you also get your share. 

You can Join shareasale here ( SIGN UP ) is a chatbot that influencers, bloggers, website owners and e-commerce businesses use to collect emails for lead generation, sales conversion and Q & As.

As well as engaging their followers on autopilot, where they can just automate a message to welcome their visitors.

Introduce themselves and generate leads while they  sleep.

To promote as an affiliate you need to sign up in the form below.

After signing up you will receive a link to promote in your website or social media, even through email.

You will get paid every month, as long as you’re making more than $10, Which is a minimum threshold for payout.

They pay affiliates through PayPal account and you will get 30% for every sale.

What’s more rewarding, is that you’ll also get a $50 bonus for every 10 referrals that purchase one of their premium packages.

You can join here( SIGN UP )

3.Krisp ( productivity software )

Krisp company is offering a background noise cancellation software.

These software is useful for those people who spend most of their time on the phone.

It gives you a clear call without cliches or service disconnect that’s caused by hervy sounds.

These background noise cancellation software can be promoted by affiliates who specialize in B2B.

You can either sign up as an affiliate through a CJ affiliate network, or you can directly sign up through their affiliate program.

You’ll get a $0.5 flat-fee when a person clicks your link to sign up for a free account on desktop or chrome.

And you’ll also be paid a $20 flat-fee for a pro plan purchase and a 20% recurring commission for a Team plan purchase.

Which means for every person you refer to a Team plan, you get a 20% when they pay their plan every month.

That’s how you create a passive income, when you earn R100 per person.

That’s R1000 for 1000 people, when these 1000 people pay their monthly plan.

You’ll receive R1000 every month as long as they keep paying for their Team plan.

You can join Krisp as an affiliate here ( SIGN UP )

4.Affiliation software

AffiliationSoftware is offering small and medium businesses an opportunity to participate in affiliate marketing.

With Affiliationsoftware professional, a stable, secure and flexible affiliate platform.

As a business it allows you to build your own affiliate program, create partnerships and increase your profit.

Joining this affiliate program is easy, once you register as an affiliate.

You can promote their website and earn money for each referred sale and lead.

They target online entrepreneurs and e-commerce businesses across the world.

There’s no limit on how much money you can make as an affiliate in this program.

As an affiliate, You can earn from 20% to 30% for each referred sale, another 20% to 30% on all customers monthly renewal.

And a 3% on all your sub affiliate sales. You will also get paid 0.50€ per lead for every registered user.

Plus a pay per click and CPM commissions for email marketing and display advertising.

They also give affiliates a 2.00€ bonus when they sign up, you’ll get paid monthly.

But when you make at least 30€, Which is their minimum threshold for payout, you will get paid in PayPal.

You can join Affiliation software here( SIGN UP)

5. 3dcart

3dCart was founded in 1997, is a complete and robust e-commerce platform.

It was designed to help online store owners thrive in a competitive market place.

With hundreds of features built directly into it’s software, businesses can open and operate their online store with 3dcart.

And you can easily join their affiliate programs with just a few clicks. Are you a blogger, influencer or a digital marketer?

With 3dcart you will earn a 300% commission for every new referral sale.

You can join 3dcart as affiliate here ( SIGN UP

Here are more affiliate programs you can join from South Africa.

  1. DMCA – join their affiliate program here DMCA affiliate sign up
  2. Costomon – join their affiliate program here Costomon affiliate sign up
  3. Survey junkie – join survey junkie as an affiliate here SIGN UP

In conclusion

These are not the only affiliate programs you can