6 tools that’ll help you build converting landing page.

example of a landing page

A landing page is simply the first page that you land on after clicking a link from a Facebook page or from a YouTube video. and it can be anything. 

From your homepage, a blog post, or a product page. Even a lead capture page could work, however as simple as this definition is when we talk about landing pages in online marketing.

We usually mean a page that is specifically designed to receive and convert traffic from an online marketing campaign. 

And in this post. I’m going to share with you some of the tools that you can use to build your own landing page. These you can accomplish without any knowledge in coding or without any designing skills whatsoever.

Note that at the beginning I said that a landing page can be a blog post, a homepage or a lead capture. But now I want you to know that though it might be true. 

The main purpose for a landing page is to convert generated traffic from other sources into a customer. Or convert them in a particular way, but for a particular reason.

What are some of the best tools for creating and converting landing page?

According to Wikipedia a landing page is a web page which serves as the entry point for a website or a particular section of the website. And looking at this definition you can see that many get confused about what a landing page is? 

Because a lot of people when defining this term. They define it based on who’s talking and what they are selling. Instead of what it is and how it can help you convert your visitors. Which creates a lot of confusion for those who want to know more about the subject.

But since I’ve already covered the definition and how you can use the landing page. I think now is the time to ask this question, which tools will help you build a landing page that converts?

Because when speaking general sense, that’s what you need.  Just forget about the fluffy fluffy stuff.

Here are 6 tools that can help you create a landing page that converts.

1.Instapages(landing page creator)

Instapage offers a pretty limited free plan. Unlike others out there, they have a slightly more affordable basic option at $29 per month. Which is probably the best option for a tight budget, because it’s affordable.

It has all the content builder features you’ll need, it allows you to drag-and-drop elements in and out of your page. As well as edit them just by clicking on your preferred page without understanding anything about coding and CSS.

And you will also create landing pages that you will then be able to test with their  Build in A/B testing features. So that you can optimise your pages conversion rate, after you’ve built the first version.

Check out their website


Leadpages is the most well-known landing page creator among internet marketers. The basic plan is comparable in price to the unbounce,  but with their plans, you can get access to the advanced content build features. Like leadboxes and as well as other beneficial tools, that you can leverage to grow your lead generation strategy.

They have a template section, not only that but it has a huge selection of templates that you can choose from. And even sort these templates by conversion rate, and that is the reason why leadpages is the most used landing page creator.

Check out their website


Unbounce is one of the landing page creators that use the drag-and-drop feature. Which makes it simple for beginners and makes it one of the best landing page tools for blog creators as well.

It’s easier because it also has a feature where you can pick elements by text, images, video and many more options to choose from. And you can do that just from the site menus, and simply drag them into a section on your landing page to enhance their conversion.

Another feature that is important for your conversion from unbounce. The fact is that the more the pages that you create will be responsive, mobile users won’t have to zoom in the screen to see the content that you have created.

And that is becoming more important since this is becoming increasingly essential as mobile browsing continues to become more popular.

Check out their website


With Usertesting, you can get more in-depth reviews on your landing page. Because user-testing has a long form with recorded audio of recent visitors’ interaction with your landing page. Which you can then captcha and use as your reviews to potential clients.

The only drawback with this tool is prices, I hate to say it. But I don’t think the price is relevant and I don’t think they provide enough value for the price that they charge. So i don’t really recommend this tool, especially for beginners. But if you want to check them out anyway,  visit their website here.

5.Crazy Egg

Crazy egg is designed to show you exactly how visitors are interacting with your website, or how they engage with your landing pages. So that they can help you with  A/B split testing, to make better decisions.

And it is one of the easiest software to install on your website. It is also one of the best landing page tools you will find, because it is a very focused content builder.

Once you register, sign in and create your account. You will then have access to your own personal code that you can copy and paste in your website. Then after that tracking will begin automatically, your code has what we call a check installation page, to make sure everything is working as it should.


Optimizer has a free plan that you can use to get used to the software. Once you sign in, it will ask you to type in your landing page URL. And then from there it will load the page as a new variation, after that you can also add more variations if you’d like to test multiple changes to your landing page.

it also comes with content builder options that you will probably have to choose from. But you can then edit elements and change the text or image of your landing page once you’re done. And you can click the bright green button in the top-right corner that you will see after signing up with optimiser, then from there you can start your test.

Although it’s a little bit complex to beginners. But that is the reason why they have a free plan that you can use to get used to the tool. And unlike other tools out there, Optimizer can be a great landing page creator. 

Plus it comes with a simple code that you need to copy and paste into the header of your landing page. This content builder ensures that your traffic is split between the two or more versions that you have created. And that performance is then tracked.

In Conclusion

Once you have some traffic, you can then log into your optimizely account and look at how it is performing.  It will tell you when a test has reached a significant result. And then you can use the best-performing landing page for your advanced marketing campaigns.

And when it comes to creating a landing page. You might want people to take certain action. Like making a purchase, become a lead by submitting a form, reach out to you via chat or subscribe to our newsletter or email list. Even call you or register for an event you’re hosting.

All of these actions accomplish the same basic goal. Which is to progress people towards becoming a paying customer. And that is ultimately the goal of any landing page, regardless of what definition you use.

Once again I hope you’ve found value in this post, don’t forget to leave your comment below. You can even share this post on social media with those who might benefit 👍.

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