The truth about Content marketing

The best of the best strategy.

am going to share one of the scariest subject. The truth about content marketing and ideas that small and medium businesses need, to expand their sales and growth.

Expansion is one of the reasons why so few businesses and world largest organizations make it certain that they succeed.

The moment you realize that there is a strategy that can be used to better your ability to serve more.

That is the time you need to start preparing for execution. Because that can be helpful for your marketing strategy and consideration to get ahead of competition.

This increases the chance to dominate your field through techniques that only few people know about.

And it lowers the risks of getting crushed by competition while it eliminate some unnecessary mistakes.

Our parents, friends and society tell us to lower our expectations and stop dreaming too big.

They also say that we should be satisfied with what we have to begin with.

But dissatisfaction is a State of creativity, and being satisfied is no way close to improving any aspect of life.

We all know that you can only improve that which you admittedly accepted that it needs mending.

So being satisfied and being realistic with your goals leave your soul empty with no passion and purpose to impact other people around you.

You end up getting a job to fit in with others, knowing deeply that is not what you want.

Or having to do something that is not in aligned with your values and principle just to feel a sense of achievement.

Am not against advise but am against accepting any advice without questioning.

Because most of the things we learn from others. Their either absolute or about to be, some are not even true.

This is caused by the way people react to a situation or circumstances, we always assume the worst.

This mindset we adopted from our senses and what we have been tought as reality, what we see, hear, smell, taste and touch.

And because of this, the content marketing strategy was manipulated to human kind through negative media.

This was created to change the perception of many from producing. And by using negative media, they install fear which paralyze action.

As a result we have more consumers for content than we have people who create the content.

This create a society that is controlled by viral content, that spread like a fiver.

This might not mean anything to an average person who is reading without understanding the concept.

But for those who do, I think you can’t wait to know where am going with this piece of content.

Simply question every content even if it comes from the authority telling you about the most important 911 .

Don’t just believe, some people create problems and push the content to go viral, while you are busy focusing on the problem.

They will create advertisements and promote their products and services to solve the same problems they created.

This is just to distract you from what’s important to have you caught up on what they call urgent(their agenda).

In order to effectively sell, you need to get out of obscurity.

But here’s the truth about content marketing no body talks about, did you know that in order to effectively sell, you need people to buy.

Off course you did, but did they tell you that the very same people don’t need what you sell.

Here’s something you don’t want to know as a consumer, but you would definitely need as a producer.

What you offer need an alternative problem, so if you have a product, you need to cause a severe problem in people’s perceptions.

And when they start panicking you offer solutions, even if your product solves a problem.

The higher the problem is perceived, the most important and urgent it becomes.

For your products and services to be highly in need and in demand, you just need people to believe they need it.

Make it a need, you must first create content that can go viral, here you just address the problem with solutions.

Remember, make it look bad and spread the news, don’t lie about it, just be creative enough to pursued more perceptions.

If they believe they need it, they will sacrifice other expenses or liabilities to buy your product or service.

What am exactly trying to say is that, create a need for your products and services by selling the problem and offer the opposite solution.

The truth about content marketing, your strategy should be pursuesive and convincing to convert.

Social media marketing strategy

The real purpose behind content marketing strategy, is to have a number of people believing in the content.

You say this xxx tablet is a cure for headache, and push the content to go viral that this and that causes a headache, so do this to avoid it completely.

You just want people to believe that you can’t stay with a headache and that you need to remove it.

before you can start advertising your xxx tablet, and once again this is not the only strategy, but this converts more than any.

this has helped political parties to win elections, have helped chairmen from winning the majority vote.

It has led syndcators into aquiring people to Invest with. And helped leaders with followers.

It has changed the world by allowing businesses to grow by engaging more clients and customers.

Even though the seed of the mighty powerful secret behind the world order was evil.

But some managed to use the seed for the good, making up diseases and using our own vaccine to cure it, is one thing.

Using my services to help other people grow their businesses is the other.

So use this perception driven advertising, so called content marketing strategy to do good.

Because I believe you have a choice, you can be of value like other people.

Or you can join the entertainment industry to distrust humanity by using their emotions for your agenda.

In conclusion for scariest truth about content marketing strategy.

State of mind and control

If you are that type of person, who want to be valuable to others by offering solutions.

That impact real life problems, then big up, and continue with the good work.

But for all of you who are just on the mission to fulfill your agenda to control the world.

May God of Mercy be with you, thought you are doing it for the sake of humanity, and hope humanity finds the truth.

Last, take care of yourself and your family as well as businesses. while you stay away from media as much as possible.

Lastly, question your believe and never except anything without consideration.

Hope you found value in this awkward guide, I’ve found the truth, and willing to share.

don’t forget to leave a comment below and thank you for your time and effort.


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